PayPal {Cash} Giveaway!! :)

Hello There; Today I am sharing a giveaway hosted by a very special blogging friend of mine – cherryfashion, a blogger who I have known for almost as long as I have been a blogger. She has an amazing blog, content, and above all an amazing personality. She’s super kind and a VERY hard worker. She helps me with the #bbloggers blog – && I mean she HELPS! I can always depend on her, which is one of the major reasons I love her so much.I am very happy to announce that she has achieved quite a few milestones almost all at the same time. She reached 1000 bloglovin subsscribers, 500 GFC subscribers & 2000 twitter followers.

That is pretty freaken amazing! Congrats Nia!!

Oh && check out the other bloggers involved – they are all amazing as well!!


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