Can I Use Both BB and CC Cream?

Few people think a lot about which cream to choose BB or CC. Before choosing it, there is a need for you to know its difference and for what it will be helpful for you. If you use the cosmetic products regularly, then you may know about the BB and CC creams very well. It acts as a best moisture and makeup cream. This meant that they would not nourish up your skin and they would provide the coverage.

The tinted moisturizer would play the big role in the category for the makeup to meet the skin care. The BB stands for “Beauty Balm” and it is tinted moisturizer that can be injected with the bit more coverage’s. While CC stands for the “Colour correcting or also called as complexion correcting” and this product would be bit more coverage than the BB cream that would lighter the foundations. The CC cream would work better for those who have swallow skin or the age spots. While buying when you choose the best Korean Cc cream then sure you can get a good result as like you have expected.

Which would be best for you to use CC or BB?

  • The CC would be less oily and it is lighter when compared to the BB cream.
  • The BB cream is designed for all the range and it is used for filling the gap which was desperately required for the cosmetic industries.
  • The CC would correct your tones that too within a short span of time.
  • It is used for correcting the imperfection that is found in the skin.
  • These both can work out with wonders and it adds the skin tone through giving a fine glow.
  • These both would come out with the rescue however it is not tempted to use them for finding out the alternative way which acts as a great anti ageing skincare routines.
  • The BB would be used for enhancing your skin complexion that would let your skin to shine naturally.
  • This BB would focus on preventing up the blemishes.
  • The CC would help for conceal the problem areas.


compare bb and cc cream

How to actually get clarified with?

Actually both the BB and CC acts as a great plus for everyone. You can find them available in the different variety of finishes and coverage’s. While buying it is required for you to analysis few of the things as follows

  • Check out whether the BB or CC cream suits for your face.
  • Know whether it suits for your different type of the skin.
  • It should be user-friendly and based on your need you can choose the pack.
  • Make sure that you can use the cream daily for getting the fast results.

Even you can make use of the both BB and CC cream based on the time and reason that you want. When you are free you can also search for the best Korean Cc cream that suits best for your skin.

How can you make use of these creams?

  • For using this there is a need for you to cleanse up and moisture your skin. For getting better result there is a need for you to wash your face through using the different cleanser and gently pat up your skin and dry them.
  • Put a small dots of your CC cream on your face in the area were you want some changes to happen.
  • Then above that you can blend up your cream and do makeup with the brush and with your clean figures.
  • After that there is a need for you to add another layer in the most effective and simply apply the products.
  • Buff up your skin for that you can make use of the makeup brushes through which you can expect a fine finish.
  • In additional to that when required there is a need for you to apply the foundation cream above to that which would add smoothness to your skin.

Other than that it is required for you to ensure whether the color matches to your skin tones and choose the cream that is mainly designed for clearing your targeted problems.

Sephora Haul

Have you seen Divergent yet? You should; I just saw it, and I’m obsessed – buying the books obsessed. I can’t wait for the next movies. I want to know what happens. I’m going to start with the first book of course. But still. GO SEE IT! 🙂
Oh Yeah, I went to Sephora today! I had the VIB 15% off; a dior mascara that I didn’t want – and a 25 dollar gift card. Which means, I only spent 10 bucks in the end. I didn’t go crazy, but I got some much needed items – and a couple wanted items.
btw. The Dior mascara was the blackout one – it just didn’t work for me, the product would end up all over my eyelid and above. It was weird.
1. Tarte – lights, camera, LASHES || I’ve been wanting a more natural mascara, at least one without sulfates. I tried this on at the store and fell in love. I’ll be using it for now!
2. Sephora cream lip stain || {#4} This is a wanted product. I love these lip stains!
3. Kat Von D everlasting liquid lipstick || {L.U.V} love is absolutely right! I love this color. It’s a purple, violet, pink shade. I’m in love.
4. Josie Maran 100% Pure Argan Oil ||I bought this for my hair, since I have gone the whole no shampoo method – I need an oil to protect my hair against heat. I just think this will help restore my hair, without adding product.
I didn’t go crazy, as you can see – but I’m happy. I haven’t purchased makeup in while.
I’m kind of a broke college kid.
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