How to Reduce Hair Fall During Pregnancy?

If you are a pregnant woman, then you might experience hair loss and it might be happened in early pregnancy because of stress, hormones or other kinds of the health issues. During pregnancy, women might notice number of the changes for their hair. Some of them lose hair and other notice their hair become stronger and shinier. This could be caused by higher levels of the estrogen which stimulate the hair follicles. Hair loss starts during the pregnancy and continue on postpartum. On the other hand, it is temporary result of shifting hormones or normal stress of the pregnancy.

How to Reduce Hair Fall During Pregnancy?

What causes hair loss during the pregnancy?

According to the studies says that, rising estrogen level might slow down natural cycle of the hair follicle shedding during pregnancy. There are tons of causes there for hair loss which includes

  • Hormonal shift
  • Thyroid problems
  • Iron deficiency
  • Trauma
  • Postpartum hair loss

Using best shampoo for pregnancy is really beneficial to get rid of from hair loss. There are tons of the shampoos are available in online but you must pick best and finest one to improve your hair growth. Some of the women might experience hair shedding or thinning because of the shock or stress. This kind of the condition is also known as telogen effluvium which can affect small number of the women during pregnancy. Using safe beauty products are necessary for sake of your unborn baby’s well being and your health.

Important tips buy best shampoo during pregnancy

If you are a pregnant woman and looking to buy the shampoo for pregnancy, then you must concern about specific things such as

  • Free of sodium lauryl sulfate which is the famous surfactant which is found in shampoo. It could be linked to the birth defects.
  • Completely free of Parabens. This kind of the ingredient is harmful to unborn baby health.
  • Synthetic fragrance that might contain phthalates because it might alter the hormone levels.
  • MIT (Methylisothiazolinone) because it is inhibited growth of nerve cells.

Above ingredient must not available on the shampoo so choosing the safe shampoo is necessary. Actually, hair follicles Online is the best platform to buy  shampoo for pregnancy but you must read reviews which is really useful to pick the best one as per your needs. You can also consult with your doctor to figure out the best one. Tons of the shampoos are available in online which might vary from brand, ingredients and price so you must carefully pick it or else it might product some side effects.

How to find out the nontoxic shampoo during pregnancy

If you are struggling to choose the best shampoo for pregnancy, then you are recommended to follow some below instructions such as

  • Read shampoo ingredients
  • Check out the shampoo rating list
  • Avoid specific essential oils
  • Try to use organic shampoo

Using safe shampoo is one of the finest steps for safer prenatal period. It is always crucial to use the shampoo which contains oils and organic extracts.  The safest shampoo is having least negative impact on environment. All kinds of the natural shampoo bard could be the healthier choice during the pregnancy because it has only natural ingredients. Before you plan to use shampoo, you must know how shampoo is made and what are the ingredients must have. You must read the ingredients which are on the shampoo. If you are searching in online then you can get tons of the results and it could be rated by degree of the safety from safest to least sage. In case you are looking to choose the shampoo for pregnancy, then you must avoid certain essential oils such as sage, birch, aniseed, camphor, tansy and parsley seed.

Excellent benefits of choosing pregnancy-safe shampoo

If you are choosing the best shampoo during pregnancy, then you can get numerous numbers of the benefits for you as well as unborn baby which includes

  • Suitable for hormonal changes
  • Safe for pregnant woman and baby
  • Nausea friendly scents

Remember one thing; pregnancy safe shampoo might not affect your hair and scalp but it is really useful to improve your overall health. Some of the chemical might be absorbed by your body which can affect development of fetus so carefully pick the shampoo. Nausea, morning sickness and scent sensitivity are common during the pregnancy. Most of the studies reports that pregnancy safe shampoo is light scented and friendly to the sensitive noses. Throughout the pregnancy, you might experience some bodily and hormonal change. You must carefully pick the best shampoo which might not affect your health.

Recent studies report that vitamin A or retinoid is widely used in the anti aging and skin care products. Adding vitamin A to shampoo might lead to the lusher tresses. At the same time, it has been linked to the maximized risk of the congenitial disabilities. It is also affecting scalp and hair health. BPA could be used in the plastic manufacturing. If you use the shampoo which is having BPA then it might increase risk of the behavioural and developmental problems. Different brands of the shampoos are available in online and each is having unique ingredients and benefits so choose best shampoo so you can get massive hair growth.

How to Reduce Hair Fall During Pregnancy?

Tips to take care of hair during pregnancy

There are specific things which you can do which ensures your hair growth and it is also reducing post delivery hair fall. Oil massage is one of the best home remedies to hair care during the pregnancy. During pregnancy, it is completely safer to avoid the chemical coloring and treatments. You must avoid specific treatments like perming, coloring, and bleaching.  Hair is weakest when it is wet. Before you are planning to choose the shampoo, it is always necessary to find out what kind of hair and scalp type that you have. Stress is the major cause for hair loss during and after pregnancy so try to reduce stress and use safest shampoo.