Okay; so today I am sharing with you a new link up… brand new. Today was the first one. It’s called Rant && Rave, and it’s hosted by a pretty great blogger named Vanee {I’m not sure how to pronounce it} – but she has a great blog over at Anything but Ordinary.
The link up is pretty cool too, I mean who the hell doesn’t like to rant and rave every now and then. I know I sure do, particularly the rant part – but since I want to stay positive; I’ll include a couple raves too.  You know, it’s the beginning of the week {Start out positive and all}.
Let’s do this…
  • I can’t stand people who want to fight in public… seriously get a life. I just wanted to watch my Cowboys kick some Giants ass today, and these two assholes decided they wanted to fight each other. I left before any fists were thrown, but it just ruins my whole day. Why can’t we just all love each other? — or at least be friends.
  • I moved to Arizona because I love the weather, I hate rainy days. Arizona never has them, except for the past two days. The rain never stopped!
  • People shouldn’t have to work on the Holidays //  can’t black Friday start ON Friday && not on Thursday?!? It’s all of our fault though. Crazy shoppers.
  • I hate people who are mean to animals; treat them like they are people. They are just as important.
  • I wish there was a quicker method of shipping something; I hate waiting for things in the mail! {I just want my NAKED 3 Palette!}
♥ I saw The Hunger Games today; It was amazing! I’ve read the books, so I cried before every sad scene was going to happen. Which meant I did a ton of crying – it was so good though! You have to go see it! 🙂
♥ I’m so happy to be back blogging on a regular basis, I’ve missed it so much.
♥ I love working at Sephora; It’s nice having a job that I actually like again!
♥ Being back on Blogger feels good, I don’t know why I left. I just understand it so much better. We were made for each other. Blah to WordPress.
♥ I’m almost done with this semester in school, It was an amazing semester! I should be ending it with either four A’s and 1 B or Three A’s and two B’s. Either way this has been a great semester. I dove straight in && kicked ass! Teaching career here I come! 🙂
Okay; Rant && Rave over. Now you post && share! Don’t forget to link up over at Anything But Ordinary! 🙂 I’ll come by && comment too! I can’t wait to hear what you have to Rant && Rave about!
Oh && this will be a weekly thing. Every Sunday for Vanee, and Sunday Night/Monday Morning for


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