What Is Setting Spray Used For?

Having perfectly blended makeup that sits at its place and ends up making you look gorgeous than before is a desire of everyone. Makeup products are really popular and allow people to gain their desired look by highlighting their high points and hiding away the flaws of their skin.

What do people use setting spray after makeup? How does It assist for maintaining look?

We are here looking into guide what are setting spray used for and how does it assist in maintaining your makeup look for hours and hours. In addition, sharing the list of best setting spray for acne prone skin for assisting you to maintain perfect makeup look.

What Is Setting Spray Used For?

What is setting spray used for?

Suppose you are going for a special occasion, and you put hours and hours to get that perfect makeup look, and you have finally attained it, but before reaching the venue, your makeup gets smudged. This would surely be heart-wrenching thing to go through, but you can prevent your makeup look from smudging.

Setting mist is like hairspray with ingredients that are perfect for your skin to stick your makeup for a longer time. It would not be inaccurate to say that setting sprays work completely different in what hairspray does. You don’t really need to bother regarding face becoming sticky, but the refreshing agents of the setting mist lock up the makeup look with a matte finish. It is a post makeup product that you spray on after makeup to maintain the complete look for hours and preventing it from smudging and creasing.

Finishing sprays and setting sprays

Nevertheless, many people get confused between finishing sprays and setting sprays, but there is no much difference in both of them as they are designed with the same goal that is to maintain the makeup look for hours. There is surely a different way for both of the products regarding how they do their working as setting spray are designed with budge-proof and keep your makeup right where you left it, but finishing spray moistens and deepens pigment of their eyeshadows.

If you are confused about whether you should use the setting spray or not, then just like other makeup products and the makeup itself, it is completely person’s choice whether if they want to do it or not but it ensures the longevity of makeup look that lure people in using the product.

Setting sprays have become utterly famous due to the matte finished look, and translucent powder is the same that ensures the perfect matte finish. You need to pick the right product for your skin that is light in weight and doesn’t makeup look odd. Lightly mist with natural and soothing ingredients are really helpful for acne-prone skin, so considering for them would be ideal for holding the makeup for hours and hours.

Top picks of setting spray for acne prone skin!!

You have looked into guide how good setting spray can assist in maintaining your makeup look for hours and hours, preventing makeup from creasing. It is not less than a miracle to get the makeup done and not having any concern regarding it getting smudged over time. However, setting spray is a makeup essential for everyone. Acne-prone skin is sensitive to different products, including setting mist, so you have to precise regarding the product surely.

Let us look into the listing of best setting spray that can prevent your makeup from getting ruined over time and without adding on to your skin issues.

What Is Setting Spray Used For?

Teddie organics rose water spray

Each one of us is known for the amazing results of rose water and how it helps in correcting skin into glowing. The soothing agent rose water into the setting mist helps in relieving any inflammation and deals with active breakouts as well. It perfectly hydrates your skin and freshens it up to lackluster skin throughout the day. Hence you can correct skin and makeup look without adding any matte tightening option on top of other makeup products.

Laura Geller spackle mist

The mist is provided with refreshing agents and free from oil, fragrance, and silicone soothing sensitive skin. You can attain a long-lasting power makeup look and saving up your time on mid-day touch-ups. Once the setting mist is applied over finished look makeup, then you can go without any concern of the smudging or creasing of the makeup.

Skindinavia, the maker primer spray oil control

You might have seen an array of products with an oil-controlling formula such as primer, but this setting mist is provided with great refreshing touch and preventing oil. This is a perfect makeup holding a product that is provided with two-in-one doubling as both a makeup extending setting spray as well as prepping primer for the added matte finish look. Ultrafine mist is great for even application for acne prone skin and without clogging pores or breakouts.

Hence, these are popular options that can allow one to have great texture and maintained look for hours and hours of makeup, preventing it from smudging and creasing. You can surely keep these brands into consideration while buying one for you. To know its fruitful as well as adverse results on the skin, you can read out the reviews along with considering prices and pick for one that is more suitable for your skin.

The final wrap

In the final wrap, we can conclude to the aspect that it is a wonderful choice for one to use setting mist or setting sprays for maintaining the perfect makeup look for hours and hours. In addition, setting mist is essential for every makeup enthusiast to complete the look. However, you are presented with an array of brands of setting mist, so you have to precise regarding one and choose that is highly benefitting to your skin type and pocket friendly. Products with lightweight formula are the setting spray for acne prone skin preventing it from the natural breakouts. We hope the details stated above make sense to you and assist in learning how the setting mist is helpful for your post makeup look.

How to Reduce Hair Fall During Pregnancy?

If you are a pregnant woman, then you might experience hair loss and it might be happened in early pregnancy because of stress, hormones or other kinds of the health issues. During pregnancy, women might notice number of the changes for their hair. Some of them lose hair and other notice their hair become stronger and shinier. This could be caused by higher levels of the estrogen which stimulate the hair follicles. Hair loss starts during the pregnancy and continue on postpartum. On the other hand, it is temporary result of shifting hormones or normal stress of the pregnancy.

How to Reduce Hair Fall During Pregnancy?

What causes hair loss during the pregnancy?

According to the studies says that, rising estrogen level might slow down natural cycle of the hair follicle shedding during pregnancy. There are tons of causes there for hair loss which includes

  • Hormonal shift
  • Thyroid problems
  • Iron deficiency
  • Trauma
  • Postpartum hair loss

Using best shampoo for pregnancy is really beneficial to get rid of from hair loss. There are tons of the shampoos are available in online but you must pick best and finest one to improve your hair growth. Some of the women might experience hair shedding or thinning because of the shock or stress. This kind of the condition is also known as telogen effluvium which can affect small number of the women during pregnancy. Using safe beauty products are necessary for sake of your unborn baby’s well being and your health.

Important tips buy best shampoo during pregnancy

If you are a pregnant woman and looking to buy the shampoo for pregnancy, then you must concern about specific things such as

  • Free of sodium lauryl sulfate which is the famous surfactant which is found in shampoo. It could be linked to the birth defects.
  • Completely free of Parabens. This kind of the ingredient is harmful to unborn baby health.
  • Synthetic fragrance that might contain phthalates because it might alter the hormone levels.
  • MIT (Methylisothiazolinone) because it is inhibited growth of nerve cells.

Above ingredient must not available on the shampoo so choosing the safe shampoo is necessary. Actually, hair follicles Online is the best platform to buy  shampoo for pregnancy but you must read reviews which is really useful to pick the best one as per your needs. You can also consult with your doctor to figure out the best one. Tons of the shampoos are available in online which might vary from brand, ingredients and price so you must carefully pick it or else it might product some side effects.

How to find out the nontoxic shampoo during pregnancy

If you are struggling to choose the best shampoo for pregnancy, then you are recommended to follow some below instructions such as

  • Read shampoo ingredients
  • Check out the shampoo rating list
  • Avoid specific essential oils
  • Try to use organic shampoo

Using safe shampoo is one of the finest steps for safer prenatal period. It is always crucial to use the shampoo which contains oils and organic extracts.  The safest shampoo is having least negative impact on environment. All kinds of the natural shampoo bard could be the healthier choice during the pregnancy because it has only natural ingredients. Before you plan to use shampoo, you must know how shampoo is made and what are the ingredients must have. You must read the ingredients which are on the shampoo. If you are searching in online then you can get tons of the results and it could be rated by degree of the safety from safest to least sage. In case you are looking to choose the shampoo for pregnancy, then you must avoid certain essential oils such as sage, birch, aniseed, camphor, tansy and parsley seed.

Excellent benefits of choosing pregnancy-safe shampoo

If you are choosing the best shampoo during pregnancy, then you can get numerous numbers of the benefits for you as well as unborn baby which includes

  • Suitable for hormonal changes
  • Safe for pregnant woman and baby
  • Nausea friendly scents

Remember one thing; pregnancy safe shampoo might not affect your hair and scalp but it is really useful to improve your overall health. Some of the chemical might be absorbed by your body which can affect development of fetus so carefully pick the shampoo. Nausea, morning sickness and scent sensitivity are common during the pregnancy. Most of the studies reports that pregnancy safe shampoo is light scented and friendly to the sensitive noses. Throughout the pregnancy, you might experience some bodily and hormonal change. You must carefully pick the best shampoo which might not affect your health.

Recent studies report that vitamin A or retinoid is widely used in the anti aging and skin care products. Adding vitamin A to shampoo might lead to the lusher tresses. At the same time, it has been linked to the maximized risk of the congenitial disabilities. It is also affecting scalp and hair health. BPA could be used in the plastic manufacturing. If you use the shampoo which is having BPA then it might increase risk of the behavioural and developmental problems. Different brands of the shampoos are available in online and each is having unique ingredients and benefits so choose best shampoo so you can get massive hair growth.

How to Reduce Hair Fall During Pregnancy?Tips to take care of hair during pregnancy

There are specific things which you can do which ensures your hair growth and it is also reducing post delivery hair fall. Oil massage is one of the best home remedies to hair care during the pregnancy. During pregnancy, it is completely safer to avoid the chemical coloring and treatments. You must avoid specific treatments like perming, coloring, and bleaching.  Hair is weakest when it is wet. Before you are planning to choose the shampoo, it is always necessary to find out what kind of hair and scalp type that you have. Stress is the major cause for hair loss during and after pregnancy so try to reduce stress and use safest shampoo.

What Does Menopause Do to Your Hair and Loss of Hair Treatments?

It is popular that males can begin losing their hair from their early twenties onwards yet it is still considered unusual for females to loose their hair. Ladies can experience abrupt hair loss when approaching the menopause with as numerous as forty percent of females being impacted by the condition. There are several causes for female loss of hair consisting of pregnancy, genes and disease however the menopausal hair is the time most females experience the condition.

What Does Menopause Do to Your Hair

The Factors

Increased loss of hair and thinning hair as females approach the menopause is because of modifications in hormone levels in the body. Observing hair loss can be one of the very first indications of approaching the menopause. It is triggered in part by a drop in estrogen (female hormonal agents) levels produced by the ovaries, developing an imbalance in between androgen (male hormonal agents) and estrogen hormonal agents. Testosterone is among the hormonal agents from the androgen group and increases as the estrogen levels fall.

For guys, testosterone is the hormonal agent frequently connected with triggering male pattern baldness and although produced in much lower amounts in females, it develops a comparable loss of hair condition. After the menopause the ovaries might continue to produce a lot more androgens than estrogen and this can lead to additional loss of hair. It likewise does not simply impact hair on the scalp however body hair can likewise end up being thinner, simply the reverse of males who tend to get more body hair as scalp hair thins. Some ladies nevertheless experience no menopausal loss of hair or extreme thinning at all, the factors for this are not yet totally comprehended.

Treatments and Guidance

Lots of ladies are recommended hormonal agent therapy treatment (HRT) to counter a few of the more serious signs of the menopause such as hot flashes, night sweats, absence of sleep, state of mind swings, and delicate skin. HRT works by increasing the levels of estrogen to pre-menopausal levels. HRT is for that reason likewise a reliable loss of hair treatment which lowers testosterone and DHT permitting hair to grow back.

There is likewise a prescription just drug called spironolactone that rather of raising estrogen levels, operates in the opposite method by decreasing the production of androgens (testosterone) in the adrenal glands and ovaries.

Variety of non-drug based

There are likewise a variety of non-drug based procedures that can be utilized to decrease menopausal loss of hair. Carefully massage the scalp when shampooing to increase blood circulation to the hair roots. Utilizing great quality conditioners including natural items like henna, assists to avoid damage and decrease more hair loss. It is likewise essential to consume a well-balanced diet plan as healthy hair needs the minimum everyday consumption of the ideal minerals and vitamins. Attempt to consume lots of fish, liver, dairy items, eggs, poultry, meat, etc, for vitamin A, Vitamin B6, folic acid, vitamin B12, likewise leafy veggies, are a great source of folic acid.

Keep the hair brief to assist avoid mechanical damage and have it layered to provide the look of more volume. Attempt to prevent harming the hair with heated hair straighteners and hot hair clothes dryers and prevent chemically dealing with the hair with dyes, tints and bleaches.

Loss of hair triggered by the menopause is a natural procedure however can be handled through unique care and recommended treatments. If you have any unique issues about this condition it is constantly recommended to consult your regional GP as tension and fretting can make matters worse. Keep in mind that you are not alone, lots of females experience the menopause and loss of hair however there are now numerous efficient treatments readily available.


When you do speak with your medical professional, inquire about supplements that will assist with hair development. She or he might recommend the active component in Rogaine, called minoxidil, to begin to grow back a few of your hair. It’s not simply for males, ya understand.

Natural supplements can likewise assist enhance the state of your head. The 4 most efficient are, Biotin, Flaxseed oil, Night Primrose oil, and Zinc.

Biotin assists enhance hair and nails, is important for metabolizing fats and amino acids and can assist control blood sugar level levels. When blood sugar level levels are not within regular limitations the body produces an extreme quantity of the male hormonal agent dihydrotestosterone, or DHT. DHT is the significant consider the damage of hair roots.

Flaxseed oil keeps hair and nails healthy and reduces the quantity of oil produced by the body and help in recovery.

Evening Primrose oil is abundant in Omega 3, conditions your scalp and decreases the production and look of dandruff.

Zinc helps with thyroid function and minimizes loss of hair due to hypothyroidism. Taken with copper to keep an appropriate mineral balance, zinc can impact the hormonal agents accountable for hereditary loss of hair, called alopecia.

Constantly follow the advised dose on the supplement plan or whatever dosage your physician oks for you.

Throughout perimenopause and menopause it might appear as if your body has actually turned versus you and is staging a mutiny. In truth this is a time for you to welcome the brand-new you and find out to take pleasure in the most recent stage of your life. The expression – You’re not growing older, you’re improving is so, so real.

Other aspects

A number of other aspects can enter into play when it pertains to losing your hair like genes, nutrition, thyroid issues, particularly hypothyroid, tension, and chemotherapy treatments. If you have none of these conditions and are still losing your hair, speak with your medical professional about your hormonal agents. They are most likely the perpetrator.

The signs of menopause will ultimately reduce in intensity and permit you to live your life to the maximum without needing to fret about when your next duration is going to begin and if you have enough womanly products to get you through.

If you take place to be among the 30% of ladies who are impacted by menopause loss of hair, keep in mind there are treatment choices offered to assist you so you too can live a healthy, delighted mid to late life. These are genuinely the very best years of your life.

What Age to Use Toner?

You may have come across a number of times about the advantages of utilizing a toner on your face. A toner undoubtedly tightens your facial pores leading to a smooth skin. Have you ever attempted to know how typically should you use toner on your face? If you have any such inquiries then roll your eyes in the down to know the perfect use of best Japanese toner.

Significance of Utilizing a Toner

Our regular schedules bound us to bear with the damaging contamination. As an outcome our skin ends up being victim of this contamination and triggers facial infection or inflammation. When the facial pores expand in size it permits more dirt, contaminants and oil to get in the skin which triggers skin imperfection. Utilizing a facial toner assists in eliminating these concerns to some level. The toner also assists in avoiding acne and results in a cleaner, fresher and oil-free look.

How Frequently Should You Use Toner on Your Face?

No matter any skin type, you must use toner daily. Toners are available for each skin type, so you can include toner in your day-to-day skin care program. It makes your skin look glowing and you will feel a sense of beverage the entire day.

Toner also assists in keeping and stabilizing the pH or possible hydrogen level of your skin. In addition to cleansing your skin, toner help in supplying nutrition and hydration into your skin. The flexible function of a toner also assists in utilizing it on the other parts of a body such as in chest, on your back, arms and so on where acne tends to take place.

As pointed out above, a toner should be used frequently to get the very best outcome. It should be included the skin care program and need to be used with no avoid. A toner is needed to use right after cleaning your face. Utilizing toner right after you clean your face assists in calming the skin. It is a universal fact and also recommended by the professionals that you must clean you face routinely by following 3 actions: cleaning, toning and after that moisturizing it. Carrying out the treatment daily is enough however if you wish to get the very best outcome then use it once in the early morning and once in the night time.

How Toner Assists in Different Skin Types?

Toner works for every single skin type. It assists in treating the different infections of each skin type. Pointed out listed below are a few of the advantageous realities of a toner for different skin types:

– Oily or acne-prone skin

A toner assists your skin to eliminate the excess oil produced in the skin which may result in form acne. In this case a toner including astringent and little quantity of alcohol is best to use. Apart from removing unneeded oil from your skin the astringent also assists in bring back and stabilizing the pH level of your skin

– Dry or old and wrinkly skin

If you are on a phase where your skin began drying up or revealing indications of aging then you should right away begin utilizing toner consistently. An alcohol-free toner with active ingredients such as lactic acid and oil is best for this skin type. Utilizing an alcohol-based toner can significantly harm your skin triggering to more dryness.

Moisturizers are an essential assistance in an anti-aging skin care regimen. These items will assist to plump up wrinkles and lines so that they are not as obvious, plus it works to make your skin soft and smooth. Moisturizers can consist of sun blocks to avoid hazardous ultraviolet light damage to the skin. You may want a lighter moisturizer that will not obstruct your pores, or a much heavier one ideal for deep skin softening results. There are also skin care facial items that appropriate for use on particular parts of the face. Eye creams and gels are one such moisturizing item.

A few of these items do more than hydrate, however, which includes Emu oil skin care. Emu oil skin care can eliminate aching muscles, along with aid to recover small burns, contusions and even arthritis. It can permeate dry, split skin that can develop on your heels so that it recovers into smooth skin. Emu oil skin care is an item that is also hypoallergenic skin care, so even those with delicate skin can use this skin care item with self-confidence.

Can I Use Both BB and CC Cream?

Few people think a lot about which cream to choose BB or CC. Before choosing it, there is a need for you to know its difference and for what it will be helpful for you. If you use the cosmetic products regularly, then you may know about the BB and CC creams very well. It acts as a best moisture and makeup cream. This meant that they would not nourish up your skin and they would provide the coverage.

The tinted moisturizer would play the big role in the category for the makeup to meet the skin care. The BB stands for “Beauty Balm” and it is tinted moisturizer that can be injected with the bit more coverage’s. While CC stands for the “Colour correcting or also called as complexion correcting” and this product would be bit more coverage than the BB cream that would lighter the foundations. The CC cream would work better for those who have swallow skin or the age spots. While buying when you choose the best Korean Cc cream then sure you can get a good result as like you have expected.

Which would be best for you to use CC or BB?

  • The CC would be less oily and it is lighter when compared to the BB cream.
  • The BB cream is designed for all the range and it is used for filling the gap which was desperately required for the cosmetic industries.
  • The CC would correct your tones that too within a short span of time.
  • It is used for correcting the imperfection that is found in the skin.
  • These both can work out with wonders and it adds the skin tone through giving a fine glow.
  • These both would come out with the rescue however it is not tempted to use them for finding out the alternative way which acts as a great anti ageing skincare routines.
  • The BB would be used for enhancing your skin complexion that would let your skin to shine naturally.
  • This BB would focus on preventing up the blemishes.
  • The CC would help for conceal the problem areas.


compare bb and cc cream

How to actually get clarified with?

Actually both the BB and CC acts as a great plus for everyone. You can find them available in the different variety of finishes and coverage’s. While buying it is required for you to analysis few of the things as follows

  • Check out whether the BB or CC cream suits for your face.
  • Know whether it suits for your different type of the skin.
  • It should be user-friendly and based on your need you can choose the pack.
  • Make sure that you can use the cream daily for getting the fast results.

Even you can make use of the both BB and CC cream based on the time and reason that you want. When you are free you can also search for the best Korean Cc cream that suits best for your skin.

How can you make use of these creams?

  • For using this there is a need for you to cleanse up and moisture your skin. For getting better result there is a need for you to wash your face through using the different cleanser and gently pat up your skin and dry them.
  • Put a small dots of your CC cream on your face in the area were you want some changes to happen.
  • Then above that you can blend up your cream and do makeup with the brush and with your clean figures.
  • After that there is a need for you to add another layer in the most effective and simply apply the products.
  • Buff up your skin for that you can make use of the makeup brushes through which you can expect a fine finish.
  • In additional to that when required there is a need for you to apply the foundation cream above to that which would add smoothness to your skin.

Other than that it is required for you to ensure whether the color matches to your skin tones and choose the cream that is mainly designed for clearing your targeted problems.

Shampoo Bar Samples Haul

I grabbed a few sample bars from the applevalleynaturalsoap website && thought I would share my first thoughts on them! I haven’t actually used any of them, so this is just a haul. I’ll tell you what my first opinion is, based on smell mostly && of course a little bit more about the bar and why I decided to grab it.
Let’s get into it shall we:
shampoo bar
1. Wild North Shampoo Bar || This was an extra freebie sample that they sent me with my order. You will notice it’s much smaller than the rest, because it’s just a sliver – not sample size. I was happy that they sent a sliver of another shampoo bar though! Now I have six to try instead of only five! 🙂 This one smells pretty cool. Literally. It reminds of the north, of snow and winter. I like the smell and am excited to try this!
Product description {taken from website}:
“Shiver me timbers. (I couldn’t resist saying that.) I just love a hike in quiet, winter woods. A 15 minute hike is perfect for me, and then I need to go inside for cookies and coffee. I’m Norwegian. Maybe that’s why I adore this bar so much. It reminds me of Norway – or at least Minnesota – and snow and woods. And that brings us back to cookies. See where this is going? When you use this bar, there will be cookies and coffee waiting for you when you get out of the shower. I promise. Better put one of these bad boys in your shopping cart PRONTO.”
lavender buttermilk shampoo bar
2. Lavender Buttermilk Shampoo Bar || Alright, the smell of Vanilla in the description is what invited me into buying this sample. However, I don’t really get a vanilla smell. That’s not necessarily a bad thing though. When I smell this bar, I’m immediately taken into a fragrance store, with incense filling the air. It reminds me of a very popular incense smell, one that most of us would recognize right away. I don’t know what it’s called, but it’s what comes to my brain right away. It’s a nice smell. Not amazing, but nice.
Product description {taken from website}:
“Buttermilk, a natural pro-biotic full of lactic acid, is found in many expensive beauty products and is fabulous for softening, brightening and exfoliating skin. Lactic acid is also used to treat age spots, freckles and even tighten skin. Olive oil, jojoba oil, and mango butter round out this beauty treatment for your hair and body with their emollient properties. Lavender has countless benefits for skin and scalp due to its antiseptic and antifungal properties. It is used to treat skin conditions such as acne, wrinkles, psoriasis, and other inflammations. The vanilla adds a warm, creamy sweetness to the lavender essential oil making this a calming, dreamy, unforgettable scent.”
Peppermint Tea Tree Shampoo Bar
3. Peppermint Tea Tree Shampoo Bar || Peppermint && tree. Literally. That is what I smell. I grabbed this one because the description says it’s their favorite bar. I want to try the favorite of course. I like the smell, kind of. I mean, sometimes it’s nice to have a minty fragrance. I’m not sure I’ll know for sure until I try it, but so far I’m excited to do that.
Product description {from website}:
“I’m going to be honest here and say that this is my favorite bar. Always has been. Always will be. I’m a peppermint-tea-tree FREAK. Have you ever jumped into a cold lake after a hot sauna? No? Well here’s your chance to do it while keeping your feet firmly planted in the shower. Which is my way of pulling off this feat. You get all the the cool, refreshing and invigorating sensations you’re looking for with none of the sweat or the shock.”
Latte Brunette Shampoo Bar
4. Latte Brunette Shampoo Bar ||I don’t actually know if I am considered a “latte” brunette. What does that mean? I know my hair is dark brown/black. I got this because it’s geared towards dark hair, and hey – I have dark hair. I think I smell a hint of cinnamon and maybe some vanilla in this one. It is a nice homey scent. Which I like. I’m excited about this one.
 Product description {from website}:
“Are you a latte brunette? Check this one out. Latte coffee to help keep locks naturally dark. Latte moisturizing butters and oils to keep skin soft and supple. Latte incredible essential oils for beautifully scented skin and hair. There’s a latte you gotta love here. (OK. I might have had one too many before writing this.)”
Rhassoul and Avocado Shampoo Bar
5. Rhassoul and Avocado Shampoo Bar || I am extremely intrigued by the rhassoul clay within this bar. That is why I bought this bar. I think I get a definite avocado smell. It’s just kind of okay. It’s not a bad smell by any means, just not something I would go towards. I’m not too worried about the smell here though, I’m more interested in the rhassoul clay.
Product description {from website}:
“Rhassoul Clay, mined from the Atlas Mountains of Morocco, has been used for over 1400 years as a soap, shampoo, and skin conditioner. It contains a high percentage of silica, magnesium, potassium, and calcium, and its extraordinary ability to absorb oil and impurities from both the skin and hair makes it more effective than other clays for cleansing. Avocado oil and avocado butter have a nutritive, soothing, softening effect on the skin and are especially beneficial for very dry, aging skin as it increases the production of collagen. It is a natural humectant which locks in moisture while fatty acids give hair shine and silky texture. Avocado oil is a natural solution to replenish chemically treated hair with the nourishment it needs to recover and flourish. Frizzy hair also benefits from avocado oil, as it relaxes chaotic strands. The essential oils in this one start with a juicy, invigorating, citrus blend with a hint of old world bergamot to give it a mature ending.”
Wheat && Honey Shampoo Bar
6. Wheat && Honey Shampoo Bar || I wanted this because of the honey && I do not regret that. It’s immediately what I smell and I love it! This is my favorite fragrance out of the bunch && I will be using it first!
Product description {from website}:
“This one is a treasure trove of anti-oxidants found in the wheat germ, sweet almond, and walnut oils. Nutrient and mineral rich honey will add a lustrous shine to your hair and it will help keep your skin radiantly youthful and healthy. It’s enriched with cocoa butter and shea butter for a moisture-drenching, all-over treat. And here’s a little trivia for you: this is the bar that won my husband over. Not to me. To natural soap. Before this bar he was in a committed relationship with Irish Spring and nothing, no NOTHING could tear him away. I’ll just bet you know someone like that…”
I am really excited to try these out; I’m impressed with the size. I’m thinking I should be about to get 4 to 5 washes from each sample. That’s pretty sweet. I wash my hair twice a week, so that’s like 5 months of shampoo, just from samples. Pretty sweet.
Each sample is $2.50 && the best thing about the site is shipping. It’s a flat 5$. I like that. I really want to try chagrin valley soaps, but the shipping is just too high for me. I’ll be sticking to these shampoo bars, at least for now.
What are your favorite shampoo bars?
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Sephora Haul

Have you seen Divergent yet? You should; I just saw it, and I’m obsessed – buying the books obsessed. I can’t wait for the next movies. I want to know what happens. I’m going to start with the first book of course. But still. GO SEE IT! 🙂
Oh Yeah, I went to Sephora today! I had the VIB 15% off; a dior mascara that I didn’t want – and a 25 dollar gift card. Which means, I only spent 10 bucks in the end. I didn’t go crazy, but I got some much needed items – and a couple wanted items.
btw. The Dior mascara was the blackout one – it just didn’t work for me, the product would end up all over my eyelid and above. It was weird.
1. Tarte – lights, camera, LASHES || I’ve been wanting a more natural mascara, at least one without sulfates. I tried this on at the store and fell in love. I’ll be using it for now!
2. Sephora cream lip stain || {#4} This is a wanted product. I love these lip stains!
3. Kat Von D everlasting liquid lipstick || {L.U.V} love is absolutely right! I love this color. It’s a purple, violet, pink shade. I’m in love.
4. Josie Maran 100% Pure Argan Oil ||I bought this for my hair, since I have gone the whole no shampoo method – I need an oil to protect my hair against heat. I just think this will help restore my hair, without adding product.
I didn’t go crazy, as you can see – but I’m happy. I haven’t purchased makeup in while.
I’m kind of a broke college kid.
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No ShamPOO {Update} && my Routine

no shampoo update

It’s officially been 16 days since I washed my hair with {chemical-filled} shampoo. If you missed my last post, I talked about how I have decided to go with the whole “no poo method” – which really means {no shampoo}. I’ll refer to it as no shampoo, because I just don’t like saying ‘no poo’ out loud. Not to mention, when I tell people about it, they almost grimace. Let’s not think about poo, when referring to our hair. Deal?
Anyways; this is going to be a little bit of an update post {pictures included}. Oh && seeing how I’ve only been doing this thing for 16 days, I’m no expert.  I am only talking about my own experience here. Everyone will be different.
The pictures below are from today, literally five minutes ago. It’s 11:00 PM at night. I washed my hair on Monday (two days ago). It was also up, on top of  my head right before this picture… 🙂
my face
First things first; Am I going through some sort of crazy period? Absolutely. I’ve actually considered giving up some days. It’s been very up and down. I have some really great highs; where I absolutely love my hair – and then vise versa. My hair feels waxy. After tons of research, this can be due to two things. 1. I’m just going to through my adapting phase or 2. my water is just too hard. I actually think it might be a combination of the two. I’m assuming my water is hard, but I’m hoping to overcome that with Apple Cider Vinegar rinses. I’m also hoping my hair adjusts better.
Although my hair feels waxy, it’s doesn’t look waxy. Actually, it just looks a bit textured. Which I kind of like. I hate dull, boring hair. I have actually always added products to make my hair textured (sea salt sprays, waxes, etc). Maybe, that’s why the waxiness I am dealing with, isn’t an end all for me. I’m willing to wait it out, and see if it diminishes or possibly live with it. Only time will tell.
Heat; Let’s talk about heat… I may get completely yelled at for this, but YES I use heat on my hair. Look, I like my hair curled. My natural curls are a mess, and I want my hair to look good. Do I use it everyday? No. I use it maybe 3-4 days a week. More on this in my weekly routine {below}. I’m not using any products. I’m considering grabbing an all natural heat protectant, but my hair is doing okay right now.
tangles, tangles, and MORE TANGLES…. Get yourself some kind of tangle brush. I use the Tangle Teaser brush, and it works miracles for me. Most people doing this method use boar bristle brushes, I haven’t purchased one yet. I don’t find it necessary – that could change. Since I’m not using an actual conditioner, my hair is really tangled after the shower. I use my tangle teaser to get all the tangles out then switch to my regular paddle brush. If I didn’t use the tangle teaser, it would be HELL!
My {current} weekly routine:
please hear me when I say current. This could change. I’m still figuring stuff out.
It’s very simple really. Monday and Friday are wash days. I wash my hair with my shampoo bar, and rinse with Apple Cider Vinegar. After that, I blow dry my hair and straighten it. This is usually done Monday after-noon towards night. My Mondays are pretty lazy. Tuesday, I curl my hair. Wednesday and Thursday – I work with what I’ve got. Friday I wash, and start all over. I shower everyday {unless I’m being very lazy}. I use a shower cap to ensure my hair stays dry. I sleep with my hair on the top of my head. I recommend using a soft hair tie, it keeps the kinks out.
My curls tend to last between washes. If my hair starts to look greasy; a pony-tail becomes my best friend. This usually only happens the last day. Again, I’ve only been doing this for two weeks.
What I use:
Shampoo Bar || Currently Coconut Milk and Citrus from Apple Valley Natural Soap.
ACV Rinse || I put it in a spray bottle. I’m trying a 1tbs to 1 cup water ratio.
I have also ordered five sample shampoo bars from Apple Valley, I want to try some other ones. I’ll do a haul when I receive them.
I’ll try to keep you updated as I go! 🙂
No Shampooers, please feel free leave tips and tricks!
Ask me questions, && talk to me!

No ‘Poo Method (No Shampoo).

No 'Poo Method (No Shampoo).

Hey Strangers;
It’s been forever, almost a whole month. No excuses. I just didn’t have anything to share. Now I do! If you’ve read my blog for awhile, you know I’m not very dependable. I don’t blog for money. It’s a hobby. I share when I want. Hopefully, you like what I have to say!

Today, I am talking about the ‘No ‘Poo method’ – can I just say, I hate the name. When I say it out loud, I immediately have to correct it and say “shampoo, not the other thing your thinking”. I mean I get it. The whole idea is about the fact that shampoo has a whole bunch of shit in it, that really only hurts our hair. Thus, no ‘poo’ means no shampoo and none of the other crap that comes in our shampoo bottles.

Now, I’m no expert on this. I just really like the whole natural idea of things. If I can go more natural comfortably, than I will. Trust me, I still eat and use a ton of crap. Small changes. right? Not to mention, my makeup products will most likely never be all natural. My food intake will definitely never be all natural (I love my pizza). There are plenty of things that I can’t naturalize, but my hair care – I can.

I did some research; Yes, I did. I found two different ‘no ‘poo’ methods. The baking soda method, and the shampoo bar method. I don’t really like the idea of baking soda in my hair – I’m not sure why, but I just don’t. If you are interested in this method or want some more great info on the ‘no ‘poo method’ in general, check out Amanda’s FAQ section on her page. She’s been ‘no ‘poo’ for more than a year, check out her one year update. Her blog is pretty awesome too (she has no idea who I am, I’m not promoting her). So, if you’d like to go the baking soda method, she’s your girl.

I, on the other hand, have chosen to go with the shampoo bar method. Instead of a baking soda concoction, I just buy a natural shampoo bar to wash my hair with. Both methods consist of an Apple Cider Vinegar rinse.

This is just an introduction post, the last time I used a shampoo was on Tuesday (5 days ago). I just used a clarifying shampoo and no conditioner. I wanted to start from scratch (it was recommended in my research). I can usually go at least three days without washing my hair normally, so by Friday my hair was greasy and needed to be washed. I washed my hair with my shampoo bar.

I looked everywhere for shampoo bars, read reviews, and ingredients (of course) && ultimately settled on Apple Valley Natural Soap Shampoo bars. I love anything with coconut, so I grabbed the coconut milk and citrus shampoo bar. My hair is clean!

coconut milk shampoo bars

It smells nice and clean, but that doesn’t really stick. Afterwards, my hair just smells like soap. I don’t mind this, but I’m hoping I can find another one that leaves a nice smell. I may order some samples from their website, to try a few out! 🙂

I haven’t completed an Apple Cider Vinegar rinse yet, I will be doing that on Monday. I kind of doubt I will enjoy it, since it’s going to smell like vinegar – but if it makes my hair healthier, I’m all in.

I’ll write up an update in a few weeks (I promise). 😉

Have any of you gone ‘No ‘poo’? Do you like it? Tips? Let me know what you think!


Just Keep Going… {Weight-Loss Post #2}

Week one && counting… Just keep going…

Okay – so week one of my BODY TRANSFORMATION is done. I don’t want to call this a diet, diets never work for me. Actually, this past week has gone okay – NOT great by any means; but okay.

NGU on a dream just

Here’s what it looked like…


Saturday February 22, 2014 – Diamond Dozen
Sunday February 23, 2014 – Diamond Dozen
Monday February 24, 2014 – Random Cardio
Tuesday February 25, 2014 – Random Cardio
Wednesday February 26, 2014 – Rest Day
Thursday February 27, 2014 – DDP Energy
Friday February 28, 2014 – DDP Energy
Saturday March 1, 2014 – DDP Energy
Sunday March 2, 2014 – Rest Day
Monday March 3, 2014 – Energy
I wrote last week about DDPyoga – I’ve stuck to it pretty well the past 10 days. According to the manual, I should only be working out three days a week – but that’s just ridiculous. DDP says to make the workouts “your own” – which pretty much just means, {workout at least three times a week, and however many times you can handle}. I still haven’t received my DVD’s, but DDP allows people who have purchased the DVD’s to watch the first two workout’s digitally – which is a great advantage, because I’m so damn impatient.
I must say that I’ve been a little down on myself because I’m not losing as quickly as I usually do. Now, I’m NOT following DDP’s nutrition plan, I don’t see it as a realistic change in my life. I’m a very picky eater, and I just don’t like to eat food that I won’t enjoy. However, I am counting calories using myfitnesspal, and watching my proportions. I’m adding veggies and fruits {a huge change for me} && I just bought a nutribullet – so I will be juicing {or blending}.
I have dieted before using myfitnesspal – and no exercise; && lose weight pretty quickly. Usually at least 5lbs in the first week alone. My guess is that the working out is screwing with my muscles and my body is holding in water due to being sore {I’ve done some research}. I’m building muscle and it shows on the scale. I’m hoping that in a couple weeks, my body will adapt and the scale will start to decline. I’m not giving up or anything – just a little defeated.
On another note; I can feel the differences in my body already – my legs are much stronger than in the beginning. When I first began the program {a week ago} my heart rate would summit above my target heart rate, I would have to modify the position in order to get my heart rate in zone, today – I was in full lunge position and I actually had to work a little bit harder to keep my heart rate up! It was kind of crazy – but sorta cool! I like knowing that my body is getting stronger – and that things are happening, even when I don’t see it on the scale.
For now, I will just keep doing what I’m doing – because it seems to be working!
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